Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A haiku for Tuesday

Because it has nothing else going for it. It was just another Tuesday-ish Tuesday here in my world.

Tuesday is over
Though it dragged by so slowly
Like a drunken sloth 

Poetic genius, right there. A little secret...I love writing weird poems. Maybe it was all the dirty poems I used to write about *NSYNC in high school (go ahead and laugh) or the 3-page paper I once wrote as one long poem (my teacher loved it), but I've always loved a good rhyming...or haiku...challenge.

Hmm...more to come soon. Including the top secret one I'm working on now. Muhaha.


zenfullyme said...

HAHA. I love it!!! "Like a drunken sloth." That line is priceless! It will be forever embedded in my brain now when I think of you. Lol, cause we've all been there!

jlc said...

Hahah! Dirty poems about nsync I love it!! Who was your fave though?? My BFF is still heart broken over Lance. ;)