Friday, April 10, 2009

I took the plunge.

I am now officially on Twitter. And for some reason, I'm really nervous about it. Kind of like when I started this blog, actually. 

I know I have a lot to what all the "@ username" means (I'm assuming it's how you talk to people?) or what "rt" stands for. Yes, I'm a newbie. Please don't laugh too hard. 

But after being super creepy and following celebrities on it all week like Justin Timerlake (of course), Ashton Kutcher and Jimmy Fallon (love him), I just had to give it a whirl. And though I'm nervous, I'm pretty darn excited, too.

Thank you to everyone for all the comments/advice/suggestions. You guys are the best!

So now it's time to hop on the fun train and follow me!


Andi said...

hiya - congrats for taking the big step (hee-hee) @name is how to talk to someone RT @name means you are re-tweeting info because it is funny, important, etc. d name is sending a direct message that only you and that person can see. Download a software called Tweetdeck and you can see all this on a easy-to-use dashboard, that way you manage it and it doesn't manage you!

Rachie said...

Say like I want to direct a tweet (message) to you. I would type @PamHoot (enter message here). Also only the people who are following both of us will see that tweet.

Bayjb said...

Welcome to Twitter! I'm glad to hear it's growing on you. It takes time but stick with it!