Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dirty pizza, teenybopper movies and internet troubles

I wrote 95% of a post earlier today and was going to come home tonight to finish it. Buuut I just went to find it and realized that due to my ridiculously bad internet connection, it didn't save. So the entire post was erased. Bummer. 

In the mean time, I'll try to do a quick weekend recap in bullets:
• I went out Friday with two of my roommates from Ireland. It was a blast. By the time the night was over, my name had been changed to Gretchen, I ate pizza off the floor (hey, it was REALLY good pizza and it was 3am) and we had a great time reliving our glory days...or at least attempting to.
• J came down early Saturday and we spent the day out and about enjoying the gorgeous weather. When spring rears its cute little head in Chicago, it's pretty much the best thing ever.
• We went out to Joe's on Weed Street Saturday night to meet up with friends and to see some band. Unfortunately, we didn't realize it was some big UFC fight night. I never knew that people actually cared about that stuff. It's totally barbaric. Who likes watching two men air-kicking, punching and straddling each other while they gush blood all over the place? Yikes.
• I went to the good grocery store today, thanks to my fabulous friend who drove me there so I didn't have to walk block and blocks through the pouring rain. Thanks Alice!
• This afternoon, I made the very wet trek to the movie theater to see Seventeen Again AND Hannah Montana (hey, I was curious). I now have a bit of a crush on Zan Efron...and I can't get the Hannah Montana Hoedown song out of my head. 
• Watching the Natalee Holloway Lifetome movie late at night is creepy. Even creepier is that those Dutch boys left her passed out on the beach...while I was in Aruba a few weeks ago we had multiple people warn us not to be on the beaches at night. Apparently they are very, very dangerous. Gives me the chills. 

So that's that. Anyone have any good stories from the weekend? 


Rachie said...

I so wanna see 17 again AND the new Hannah Montana movie too! None of my friends will see it with me tho!

Meg Kathleen said...

I'm glad somebody else said it - I'm curious to see Hannah Montana too. But I'm still too embarrassed to tell anybody who might go with me...I'll have to rent it sneakily someday and watch it by myself.

Bayjb said...

I don't want to see Hannah Montana, but I might put the jonas Bros one on Netflix. No shame. That Natalee Holloway movie was scary and lots of bad accents.

erin - heart in ireland said...

How did you like Hannah Montana? Hoedown Throwdown is pretty awesome.
And how was 17 Again? I want to see 17 Again, just trying to find some time!

Sounds like a fun weekend :)