Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I ate a bug today. Ew.

Tuesday. Ugh. I very strongly dislike Tuesday. It really doesn't have much going for it, does it? I mean Monday is Monday, so that's an excuse in itself. Wednesday is Hump Day and halfway through the week. Thursday is almost Friday (plus great TV) and Friday is Friday and the weekend. So what does Tuesday have? Nothing.

In my experience, Tuesdays generally tend to be not the best days. Bummer, since my birthday falls on a Tuesday this year (woot woot June 16th). And today was an exceptionally Tuesdayish Tuesday. Here's why:

• I had to spend the first 4.5 hours of my day proofreading. Now I know I'm a copywriter and I know a certain amount of proofing is expected, but it's been out of control the last few days. So much so, that I can't even finish my regular work. As in the writing. As in my job. I used to not mind proofreading things, but now when I read the same 8 page piece for the 10th time in two days, I am ready to scream. I literally wanted to pull my hair out. I haven't even taken a lunch (something I always do) since I've been back from vacation because I haven't had time. Ok sorry, I'll quit complaining.

• Today I brought some of my deliciously fresh looking blackberries I picked up at Trader Joe's last night. I washed them in the kitchen at work and then went back to proofread. Of course. So I was sitting there, not looking at my berries and reading the same line of copy for the 67th time, when I noticed my berry tasted funny. So I looked down at the plate of plump blackberries and to my horror saw tiny little bugs crawling on them. I jumped up from my chair, let out a screech and pushed my plate away. By then I had already eaten half the berries, surely covered in bugs too, and that was enough to make my stomach churn and my skin crawl. Sick. I ran straight to the kitchen and dumped the rest. And now I might be ruined on blackberries for a long time...

• It was cold and windy. Not as bad as yesterday, but still. It's April! 

• The end of my day was spent editing stories about people suffering from nervous breakdowns and bouts of depression. It was seriously so...depressing. 

But, on the plus side,  I did get to go to Pilates (yay!) and I got my copy of New Moon back so I can reread the Twilight series (hey, after all the proofing, I need something mindless to read).

And tomorrow I definitely want to write about my love for Chicago 2016. I really, really, really hope Chicago gets the 2016 Olympics! But for now, I'm off to veg out some more. 


zenfullyme said...

They say you eat like 7 spiders in your sleep in a lifetime. This thought DISGUSTS me. I can so imagine your horror when realizing your berries had bugs. I would die. But happy hump day! lol.

erin - heart in ireland said...

uuugh - that is sooo much worse than a fly flying into your mouth!!

i don't know how you are a copywriter - i would go insane! i had to proofread like 4 pages today at work and i was like ahhh!