Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ok, I'll admit it. I'm watching the last ever episode of Total Request Live on MTV right now and I'm getting a bit sad. 

My 12-year-old self is mourning the loss of all her teenybopper glory. When I was in 7th and 8th grade, I used to sprint from the bus stop to watch TRL. It was on at 3 and my bus dropped me off at 3:06, so I always missed the first few minutes. But don't worry, I taped it every day just in case I missed any news on my beloved NSYNC boys. 

As I mentioned in a preview post, I LOVED NSYNC. But I don't think I mentioned just how passionate I was. When I was in 8th grade, my Mom got a new car. It was going to be my car when I turned 16, so I got to have a say in what color car she got. And what did I choose? A baby blue car. Why was that? Well because it was Justin Timberlake's favorite color, of course. Dead serious. And I drove that baby blue car until last year, when my parent's sold it after I moved downtown.

When I was so obsessed, TRL fed my addiction. My goal in life was to go see TRL really live in NYC one day. I had a HUGE crush on Carson Daly and I hung on every word he said. Though I always wondered why he wore black nail polish on random fingernails...was it code for something? He was a bit odd, but I still loved him. I used to vote online every day and counted down to the world premiers of new videos. TRL was my life. 

It continued through the first year of high school, when I was still really into NSYNC. And then it all just faded away. Carson left and I grew up a bit and that was that...I haven't really seen a TRL episode since maybe junior year of high school, but I always knew it was there. And now that it's the final episode, I'm feeling  a bit nostalgic. It was such an integral part of my tween years and now that it's over, I guess I have to face that I've really grown up. Aww...

All those days watching Tearin' Up My Heart, Genie in a Bottle, Baby One More Time, I Want It That Way, I Drive Myself Crazy...(sigh).

I kind of feel like I should start blasting NSYNC's greatest hits and dance around and scream with giddy glee, but I'm not going to. That would be silly. I do think I'll play around on YouTube for a bit...I need my Justin fix for the day :)

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Jamie said...

I completely forgot yesterday was the last of TRL :(

Nsync...those were the good old days!