Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blogging for dummies

I need help.

I'm a blogging newbie. Big time. And I'll admit that I had a bit of a rough start finding things to write about, but I feel like I've finally found my voice, hit my stride, carved my niche, (insert other cliches here). 

After reading this post on Oh! How Lovely! (one of my favorites), I realized that I still have NO clue about the world of blogging. 

I decided to check out FeedBurner and even signed up for it. But what the heck is a feed? What is a partial feed? Apparently I have one now, but I don't even know what that means.

I got a message today about joining a blogroll...what's that? Do I want to join one?

Is there anything else I should know? All I know right now is how to post...and that's about it.

Yes, I realize I am incredibly naive and I know I could look it all up on the internet, but I was hoping all you blogging experts out there could give me some insight. I would really appreciate it.  :)

And in other news...Rosie O'Donnell has a variety show? Oh geez. I can tell you what I won't be watching next Wednesday night. 


phampants said...

blogging will come in due time. you'll get use to it and it will come easier. but to do that, you just need to continue to blog...even if it's random, obscure and makes no sense. my first 6 months was just gibberish until i got my niche on who i am and how i want to blog.

best wishes!

Rachie said...

Although I've been blogging off and on for years and years I'm just now starting to understand what blogging is really about. And they didn't use to have everything they do now that really makes blogging blogging. I think everyday there's going to be a new blogging tool to use and we'll never be able to keep up. The world's a changin'.

d said...

oh i'm all over this. i'm collecting links for you that totally helped me.

back in a bit, or i may hit you up on 20SB.

d said...


i'm going to update this on my blog, but it was something i printed and put right by my computer for about a year, and i think it really helped me to find comfort as a blogger.

i'll my little update out later today!

Jamie said...

A blogroll is basically a list of links a blogger likes. I have a blogroll of my favorites on my sidebar and a page of other blog links I read.

Having a feed is great. If you use feedburner, it will keep track of how many people are subscribed to your blog. Also, if people want to add your blog to their feed reader (like google reader), it's much easier to do so when you have a feed.

It takes a little time but you will figure it all out. I don't even know if I have completely found my voice and I've been at this for awhile! If you ever have any questions, email me and I'll do my best to help or explain anything you need :)