Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I know I don't know you, but let me tell you my life story

Some days I feel like I have a huge tattoo on my forehead that says "Please talk to me." 
Today was one of those days. 

I find that random people often like to strike up conversations with me. Not that I mind, I take it as a compliment. I must look friendly and approachable or something, which is always a good thing. And I find people fascinating, so it's interesting to talk to them...but I wonder why it only happens some days, and not others. And I wonder what it is that gets them talking in the first place.

Today I decided to brave the soggy weather and run to Cosi for lunch. On my walk, I cut through the front of a hotel, where the doormen/valets hang out to get people in and out of taxis. There is this one doorman who ALWAYS talks to me...always waves, smiles and goes out of his way to be friendly. It always makes me smile, but it's a bit coworkers love to tease me about it. 

So after having my little run in with him, I walked back into my office building, still smiling a bit. As I stopped to wait for the elevator, I caught the eye of an older man standing there. 

"Cosi again, huh? What did you get?" he asked me, as if he had known me and my eating habits my entire life.
"Yep, I love Cosi. Just got a sandwich..." I replied.
"A sandwich? What kind?"
"Sesame ginger chicken."
"Oh wow, I only ever get a salad there!"

We then got in the same elevator and he proceeded to tell me about how he loves to get Cosi before class...the class he takes at Northwestern for fun. He went on about what classes he's taken before and the different things that interest him...and then he got off, telling me that he'd "see me again soon."

For a second I wondered if he was some friend of my parents' that I hadn't remembered...but no. It was just another random encounter. It was great to learn about him, but still a bit odd.

The strangest random conversations (yes, plural) I've ever had took place last year. I was waiting at my bus stop, the same bus stop I had waited at every morning for about 9 months, when the lady next to me, who I had seen almost every day, decided to chat with me. I can't even remember how it started, but before long we boarded the bus together and she took the seat next to me.

She then proceeded to tell me all about how she hated her job, riding the bus...and 20-somethings. Then she asked me how old I was, which was amusing. So I told her and she goes, "Oh, well you're a nice one then. You're the exception." Thanks...I think. 

I knew more about her after our 15-minute bus ride than I knew about some of my friends in college. She even asked for my e-mail address to send me something after she found out what my job was. And yes, she e-mailed me.

After that, I kept seeing her, at least two mornings a week. We chatted a lot and always sat next to each other (even though I do not like chatting on the morning bus ride...I just want to read my book). She was very nice and a bit negative, but now that I moved, I never see her. And I'm back to my (mostly) quiet morning bus rides.  

So I guess it makes every day a bit of an adventure. I never know who I might end up talking to or whose abridged life story I might end up hearing. Hey, at least I'll have good character insights if I ever write a book, right?

Ok off to finish The Holiday. I loooooove Jude Law's character (swoon).

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