Monday, November 10, 2008

"It's so nice to meet you. Can I have a hug?"

I love celebrities...the gossip, the fashion, the "stars are just like us" section in US Weekly, the drama, fascinates me. But the thing I love most of all? Hearing people's stories about meeting/seeing celebrities in the real world. That's when you find out how they really are...if they're nice, total druggies, way hotter in person, so not as cute in real life, etc. 

Up until I was 19, the only "famous" person I had ever met was Steve Kerr from the Chicago Bulls...hey, he played with Michael Jordan. But to me, that just was not cool enough. I envied my friends who had great stories about meeting Zachary Ty Bryan getting off a plane, seeing Danny Devito going through security at the airport or running into Lance Bass and Joey Fatone in an alley in Chicago...though those definitely aren't the coolest celebs around, it was still something to talk about.

But that all changed October of my sophomore year in college. As I headed back to my dorm room one fateful autumn afternoon, I glanced at the slew of fliers taped to the walls of the hallway. And one of them literally jumped out at me. It was advertising a rally for John Kerry for his upcoming election (yes, it was 2004)....with special guest star JAKE GYLLENHAAL!! I was SO excited. I had just seen Donnie Darko the week before and totally fell for him. He played a completely dark and twisted character, but he looked so darn hot doing it. I just HAD to meet him.

I immediately ran to my friend's room and told her we had to go. She was already planning on it. I felt a teeny tiny bit guilty because at that time, I am very ashamed to admit that I could have cared less about politics. But, I thought I could fake it for the night and be all about John Kerry.

So that night, after taking a long time selecting the right outfit and making sure my hair and makeup were perfect, my friend and I headed over to the Union to see Jake Gyllenhaal...oh and root for Kerry, too.

The Union was FILLED with girls. It was hilarious. And every single one, myself included, was clutching a camera nervously and grinning ear to ear. We all eventually sat down in front of a makeshift stage and had to listen to the College Dems give their little speech about voting (yes, I did vote that year).

And then Jake Gyllenhaal came in...and I nearly bit my lip off trying not to scream with excitement. The teenybopper in me was threatening to jump out of my skin.

So he gave a little speech about John Kerry and voting. And I was very, very surprised to learn that he was not a good public speaker. I don't know if he was drunk or high or tired or what...but he was all over the place. I think at one point he was like, "Oh man! You like just have vote. Just f'ing vote! For John Kerry! Because he is...awesome." It's a good thing he gets to use a script for his job. Not that any one was really listening to him...I couldn't stop staring at him. He was sooo handsome...MUCH better looking in person.

After his speech, they gave everyone the chance to line up and meet him. I started getting SO nervous. So what did I do to pass my time in line? I called my sister and practically shouted, "I am about to meet Jake Gyllenhaal! He is so hot!" To which my sister said, "Who?" and I replied, "Donnie Darko! Boy in the Bubble! I am pretending to like John Kerry to meet him!" I realized I sounded way too giddy, really crazy and was being way too loud, so I immediately ended the conversation.

As we got closer, we noticed everyone was just shaking his hand. So the random girl in front of me decided to put an end to that. When it was her turn, she marched right up to him and asked for a hug...and he actually hugged her.

And then it was my turn. And naturally, I wanted a hug. (well actually, I really want to jump on him and make out with him in front of everyone, but that would just be crazy and get me arrested). As I stepped up to him and took one look into those blue eyes of his, my heart nearly melted. "Hi...Jake" I said in a whisper. "Hey, how's it going?" he said with a smile. I think I stared for a minute, just taking him in. He not only looked good, but he smelled good, too.

Then I said, "It's so nice to meet you. Can I have a hug?" Yes. I actually said that. So he laughed and said, "Wow, look what that last girl started." And then reached out and HUGGED ME. It was the best hug of my entire life. Ok that's exaggerating...but it was definitely top five. It was close, it was tight and it was hot. Then he let go and we took a couple pictures together and then I had to leave (sigh). My friend met him next and got to talk to him for a good 5 minutes, the lucky duck. She pretended to be confused by the voting process...what a good ploy.

So yes, I met Jake and I hugged him and it was amazing. And yes, the little teenybopper inside me just knows that if he saw me again he'd remember me and totally want to date me...HA. No, no I love that he's dating Reese Witherspoon...mainly because if there was ever a movie made about my life, I'd want her to play me.

Below is the proof that I actually met him...Yes, I look terrible and yes, my cheeks are red because I blush like crazy when I get nervous...and I tend to sweat a lot. I was so nervous I think the entire campus could hear my heart beating...

Wow, my hair looked awful...but look! His cheek is resting on mine and his arm is around me. SWOON. 

Does anyone out there have any fun celebrity stories they'd like to share? I'd love to hear them!


The Dutchess of Kickball said...

I used to work at a ritzy resort and got a chance to meet quite a few celebrities. Stephen King, Jennie Garth, Claire Danes, Lorne Michaels, Lisa Loeb, Benjamin Bratt, Stephen Baldwin, Alan Alda etc. etc. They were all pretty nice, and really just wanted to be on vacation. The only one who I actually had a bad experience with was Paul Simon. He clearly has a napoleon complex.

teabelly said...

Jealous is not the word, I LOVE Jake! :)

I had a similar experience when meeting Joshua Jackson. I'd just seen him in a play and waited by the door afterwards, and he came over to sign autographs and I wanted to say something really great and profound that he would remember and also of course would make him fall in love with me. All I came up with was 'The show was really good.' ARGH! He was very lovely though.