Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Early to bed

 On most nights, I usually don't get in to bed until after 11:30. And by the time I fall asleep, it's always after midnight. I guess it's safe to say that I'm a night owl.

But tonight I've decided I'm going to bed early. As soon as I finish this post, I'm going to walk right by my sink full of dishes (oops), put on my pjs and crawl into bed (wow that sounds like that Jewel song).

The reason for the early bed time?

1. I had a hellish day at work. One of those days where I ended up crying in the bathroom. I actually have never had one of those days before and I hope I never have one again. Of course, the head of my company was in the bathroom when I was crying, so it wasn't long before everyone knew I was upset. I wasn't in trouble and I didn't make a big mistake or anything, I was just stressed. In the end, everything got done and it all worked out. Thank God. 

2. I stayed up until almost 1am watching Made last night. Bad idea..but I was hooked.

3. I am so disappointed with the ANTM finale. McKey, really? I mean I guess I liked her better than Samantha, but still. I wasn't a big fan of either of them. I wanted Annaleigh to win.

4. I feel like I'm getting sick. My whole body feels weak and tired and blah.

5. I need to rest up for tomorrow night...when I see the midnight showing of Twilight! Can't wait!

And thanks for all the great blogging advice, I really appreciate it. I can't wait to start exploring more this weekend when I finally get some free time. 

Sweet dreams, everyone.


Anonymous said...

speaking from experience after living with you recently. Not for long, but for the summer. There is no way that you went to bed at 8:02 after you posted the blog. You had to have gotten fixed on something on tv. Or maybe a Christmas movie? Elf? Home Alone?...Anyway if you did go to bed early I am very proud! Hope you have a better day at work tomorrow!

Rachie said...

I can not wait till Friday evening when I get to see Twilight. I would LOVE to go tomorrow night for the midnight showing but I promised a friend I'd see it with her and....wait. Have I already told you this? I feel like I have.

Jamie said...

Ugh ANTM was so bad. It was such a horrible cycle.

I can't wait for Twilight!