Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Liked it

I said I would post my thoughts on Twilight, but I'm feeling a bit lazy today. So I think I'll just do it in a neat little list...

• Edward Cullen playing the piano. Swoon. 
• Edward Cullen kissing. Oh. My. God. 
• Edward Cullen in general—I left the movie feeling disappointed in 
    human boys
• Bella's Lullaby, of course.

• Mike and Jessica. It was nice to see teens playing REAL teens (unlike 
    Dawson's Creek, The OC, etc)
• That is was awkwardly funny
• Kristen Stewart as Bella...at least more than I thought I would 
• Victoria, James, Laurent, Charlie and Carlisle (I found him pretty 

• Rosalie
• Jasper's hair
• Cheesy special effects
• Odd camera angles 
• Way too many shots of trees (I get that it's pretty there—give me more 
• The music. It seemed all wrong in some of the scenes

• The terrible flashbacks, especially the ones with the Indians and the 
    "Cold Ones". Completely unnecessary.

Overall, I liked it. Didn't LOVE it, but still found it very entertaining. And I have a feeling I'll end up seeing it again over the next couple of weeks.

And is that "you're my brand of heroin" line in the book? I couldn't remember, but it seemed SO out of place in the movie and it made me cringe a little bit. 

On another note, I am SO excited that tomorrow is my last day of work for the week. Then I'm heading up to the 'burbs to hang out at home (AKA my parents' house) for Thanksgiving. I get to do laundry, enjoy delicious food, drive a car, go to Target and play with my dogs. I can't even wait.

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Rachie said...

Really? If you and I could agree more....

I liked it more than I thought I would. Or maybe not as much as I thought I would. I really don't think I was expecting anything so I wouldn't be let down but now when people ask me I don't know what to tell them.