Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend recap, Amish people, Golden Globes...oh my!

This girl is tired. Very, very tired. After getting about 7 hours of sleep the whole weekend, I'm definitely ready to go to bed.

Friday night was the big (little) Galway reunion. I had a blast. We braved the cold, wet snow and trudged out on our Irish pub crawl. After a few pints of Smithwick's and Stella, some bottles of Magner's and a handful of Baby G's and Car Bombs, we were loudly and excitedly (mostly on my part) reminiscing about our favorites times abroad. Throw in a few awkward moments (like an almost-fight between strange men) and a heart-to-heart at the Rock n' Roll McDonald's at 3am and you've got one hell of a night. 

The next day I had to brave the snow again (I am SO sick of winter) and made the trek to the train station. Thank God for my sweet black peace sign rain boots, which kept my feet nice and dry and relatively toasty. Let me just say that sitting on the floor of a super crowded train station with a hangover is not fun. What was fun though was when this really loud woman struck up a conversation with this sweet little Amish girl standing next to her. And please note this was right after the loud woman got pissed at someone in line and called her a snotty bitch. I believe the convo went something like this:

Loud Woman: Hey, wow, great cap! Are you like Amish?
Amish Girl: Yes, yes I am.
LW: Wow! That's so cool. I think all you Amish people are great, you know being away from society and stuff. That's awesome. 
Amish Girl smiles and nods a bit.
LW: Is this your first time in the big city? Are you totally blown away?
Amish Girl: Yes, I am on my way to visit my boyfriend.
LW: You guys can date? No way! How is that possible?
Amish Girl: Yes, he is from Kentucky.
LW: Wow, really? Can you guys really do that? Go out and meet other people like that? 
Amish Girl: Yes, yes. 
LW: How did you meet? I just admire you all much. Amish people fascinate me.

And that's when I couldn't hold my laughter anymore and I had to walk away. That poor girl. It made me shudder a bit to think how naive and obnoxious that woman was. Yikes.

The rest of the weekend was great. I finally got on the train and went to Milwaukee to hang out with my boyfriend. We went to his teacher holiday party out in the middle of Wisconsin somewhere. Have I mentioned before that he is a teacher? So anyway, that was a blast. He works with some really fun people, so he's lucky. 

Then today I came back to the 'burbs and hit up the mall with my sister. We ended up seeing Bride Wars. It was good...but not that good. I was a tad disappointed. 

So now I'm sitting here watching the Golden Globes. Was anyone else a little sad when Heath Ledger won? He definitely deserved it, but it's so tragic... Ok and seriously, it has always REALLY annoyed me when people win awards and then aren't even there to accept it. All the other nominees could come out and wave their little hands and smile, but the dope that won couldn't even show up? Hey, I understand if there was a family emergency or something, but still. If I was one of those people that didn't win, I'd be a bit upset. But then again, if I was one of those people, I'd probably be freaking out because I was in the same room with all my favorite celebs. 

I love how all those actors and actresses are so "hip" together. They all mingle and do the cheek-kisses and all that jazz. How chic. And fake. Do you ever wonder how things really are between all the celebrities? Like who really hates each other? Who is secretly in love with someone else? Who slept together in the past and tries to forget it? I do. I mean look at Angelina tonight, she looked pissed. And Steve Carrell always looks really sad at award shows. I wonder what it's all about. I bet it's crazy drama sometimes. But that might just be me.


Rachie said...

Omg people are so annoying!

Cheryl said...

I don't have cool TV shows, so no, I didn't see Angelina's pissed off look, although I'm sure it was because Brad Pitt defended Jennifer Aniston, who is just the coolest.

PS, There is just no excusing ignorant people. Sometimes, I want them to stop existing. My old boss was like that. I've written her hate mail that I will probably never send.

and her heart it is in ireland said...

Ireland reunions are the best thing! I love Baby Guinnesses!

I just looked up all the Golden Globe winners, and realised I haven't seen like any of the movies. Oops...

Love your blog :)

zentiment said...

I was a tad disappointed with Bride Wars too. They had a lot of those photo slideshows that was odd. Whatever. At least you had a good weekend! Hollywood reminds me of the popular cliques in high school. It's all fake and so cliche.