Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Saskatchewan Screamer is gonna get ya!

Sounds like the teaser to a cheesy horror movie, doesn't it?

Yeah, I wish.

That Saskatchewan Screamer is a low pressure system that dips in from Canada  and is currently sitting pretty in the Midwest, blasting Chicago with little snowflakes, big snowflakes, crazy wind and a some cute little subzero temps thrown in for fun. 

It's a nasty, ugly, freezing weather monster that is wrecking havoc here. The high for tomorrow? 


Wind chill? 


It's flippin' freezing.

Thank God it has a catchy name, right? Almost makes it sound fun. Or not.

65 days. 65 days. 65 days. 

Repeating that helps me get through this frigid, face-numbing, frost-bite-inducing, stinging, biting cold. Because in 65 days, I'm going to Aruba. One sun-filled, fun-filled, pina colada-filled week of tropical bliss in the Caribbean. I can't even wait. 

But for now, I'll just bury myself under 75 layers and brave the Saskatchewan Screamer. Bring it on!


Rachie said...

I know we're not as bad off as you are but it's suppose to get ridiculously low for the rest of the week and I am NOT looking forward to it. Try to keep warm!

and her heart it is in ireland said...

uuuugh! another reason why i hate winter! at least it rarely gets THAT cold in NJ, and ummm, never in ireland.

zentiment said...

Ah, that's horrible!!! I would be so miserable, angry and grumpy. lol. The Aruba trip sounds amazing! I'm jealous.....of the trip, not the weather!