Sunday, October 12, 2008

Writing by Candlelight

This time of year marks the return of one of my favorite things: the Harvest candle by Yankee Candle Co. The rest of the year, I could care less about candles. Sure I buy them, but after a day or two, they sit on a shelf or table and collect dust. Maybe it's that I'm terrified of fire or the fact that I am super sensitive to scents, but candles aren't really my thing.

Until October rolls around.

If this season had a copyrighted scent, Harvest would be it. It seems to combine all the wonderful crisp smells that linger in the air around now. Fresh apples, fallen leaves, the seasons changing, the spice of cider...they're all there in that bright orange candle.

My Mom has always been really into Yankee Candles and Harvest has always been her favorite. Ever since I was in grade school, she's had it in our house. As a kid I failed to appreciate it, but as I've gotten older I've reflected on all the things it reminds me of...carving pumpkins with my Dad, snuggling up with my dogs during Fall Break, getting ready for the big Thanksgiving Day meal...and now it smells like home to me. Not "home" as in my teeny tiny working girl apartment, but I mean my parent's house, which will always be home to me.

And of course, the sights, smells and sounds of fall remind me that it's only a few short weeks until my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year...Christmas. But that, I'm sure, will take up many posts in the near future. I believe I could write an entire blog based solely on my love for the movie Elf.

So yes, go out and get yourself a Harvest candle. It might change your life...or at least the smell of your apartment. Happy Fall, everyone!

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