Friday, December 5, 2008

I've been drinking since 2:30...

So please forgive my poor writing this evening. I just had to write a post, I was missing my blog the last couple of days. I felt like I was neglecting a good friend.

The last couple of days have been crazy. As much as I love the holidays, there's always so much going on...

Wednesday: Client party in the suburbs. Got stuck in traffic in the snow on the way there. Felt a little awkward since I'm a creative person, not an account person, so small talk isn't my thing. Chatted with my coworkers, avoided the almost all seafood appetizers (yuck), was insulted by a coworker and had to deal with the very embarrassing moment when one of our senior clients hit on me. He got way too close to me, backed me up against a wall and chatted to be about his time in the Persian Gulf War in 1991 (no joke). He asked me what I was doing in 1991. I told him I was 6...and he thought it was cute. Not so much. Because I'm naive, it took me awhile to catch on. Luckily, my coworkers saved me and now I'm the talk of the office. So embarrassing. 

Thursday: College alumni party at a nearby bar. Tons of fun. I was tired from the night before so I vowed to be home by 9. Got to the bar, realized it was free beer for the first hour, ran into tons of friends and ended up not getting home until midnight. And then I decided I just HAD to watch The Office. Good idea, Pam.

Friday: Company holiday party at a Chicago bowling alley. We got to leave work at 2:30 and it was a lot of fun. We all went to a couple of bars afterward, which was a blast. And then I got into a cab where the crazy driver was screaming about religion, premarital sex and drunk girls. I just nodded, slumped lower in my seat and prayed that he would get me home safely...and not yell at me for being one of those drunk girls. 

I haven't been out this much since college. Yikes. 

Now I'm off to Milwaukee in the morning to see my boyfriend and go to the big Marquette vs. Madison basketball game. I can't wait!

Sidnote: I went to Starbucks this morning and the same barista took my order. I told her what I wanted and she said, "Ok and that's for Jes...". I immediately stopped her and said, "Nope, still Pam." She smiled and was like "Oh yeah! You remind me a lot of Pam from The Office. Now I'll be sure to remember! Must be your hair color or something..."

That made my day. Not only do I LOVE The Office, but I love Pam (makes me proud of my name) and I LOVE that she gets to be with Jim. Now this will help me live vicariously through her. Hooray for fictional characters!

Ok...I need to go to bed big time. Goodnight!


Rachie said...

Oh wow. You're living vicariously through Pam from The Office and I am living vicariously through you. :) Your life is SO much more fun right now than I can even think of mine being.

zentiment said...

I was feeling neglected! Haha. I kept checking for a new post!