Monday, February 2, 2009

You learn something new every day...and weekend

I had a wonderfully busy weekend. I could probably write pages and pages on all I said, did, watched, drank, played, ate, etc, but I'll spare you that. Instead, I'll give you a nice little list of things I learned this weekend:

• Sleepovers with your grandma are a ton of fun, no matter how old you are.

• If your grandma tells you to stay awake through "The Glenn Miller Story" (a 1954 movie starring Jimmy Stewart), you better stay awake. 

• Jimmy Stewart will always be George Bailey.

• Marquette basketball games are amazing. Especially when they win. 

• Taking 6 shots in a row is only a good idea if they're all Baby Guinesses, Love Triangles and Buttery Nipples. Yum.

• If it's 10pm, you've been out since 1pm and you need a change of scenery, hit up a 24/7 karaoke bar. It's sure to be classy.

• And at this karaoke bar, it's especially fun to belt out Bon Jovi like a total rockstar, even if the drag queens in the corner lean over and tell your boyfriend that you suck. (He laughed. I did not.)

• Don't pick fights with drag queens.

• Cooking burgers on the grill in the middle of winter is fantastic, as long as you don't let yourself forget that it's still 20 degrees outside. 

• Sometimes it's so nice to kick back and relax at your parents' house.

• The Super Bowl commercials this year? Not that good. The Office? Hilarious. 

So how was your weekend? Do anything fun? Any good stories? Feel free to entertain me with amusing anecdotes. Tuesdays are my least favorite day of the week so I appreciate any little bright spots that come my way.

Oh, and Happy Groundhog Day everyone! Thank goodness groundhogs are cute, because otherwise I'd like to dropkick those little suckers for always seeing their shadows. Damn you and your 6 more weeks of winter!

I kid, I kid...I love animals. I cry harder in movies when animals get injured/hurt/die than when humans do. Is that bad? 


Rachie said...

You did have a great weekend. Sleeping over at the grandmas??? What fun! I miss doing that. I use to all the time when I was little.

Ally said...

I too did not think the superbowl commercials were all that great. In fact I thought most of them were trying wayyyy too hard.

And yes, the office was HIlarious. Loved it!

and her heart it is in ireland said...

I am the same, I can't watch animal movies, I bawl like a baby!

I watched most of the commercials at work today, and yea most weren't that great, I can't wait to start watching the office again!

Sounds like a fab weeekend!¬

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a pretty amazing weekend!

Bayjb said...

That sounds like a great idea. And six shots can be okay to take at once. As long as tequila isn't involved.

Where is there a 24/7 karoke bar! I want to go