Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Office is back.

Thank goodness, I've really missed it.

Tonight's episode was hilarious. After a pretty lame season so far (seriously, what was with that horrible holiday episode?) , it was nice to laugh out loud again. I was dying when they showed Dwight's "It is your birthday."sign and the brown and black floppy balloons. And when Pam threw the Mounds Bars out during Michael's speech? So funny. 

But what was really funny was the "winter" scenery in the background. Despite the piles of fake snow strategically placed on the ground and cars splashed with fake salt stains and mud, it was hard to miss the healthy green grass and the blooming, leafy trees. Everything looked so alive. Ha. I wish winter looked like that. If you live in a warm climate, you're so lucky.

But, big news! It's supposed to be 50 here this weekend. I can't even wait. I bet ten bucks I'll see someone in shorts. No joke. I'm just excited to put my down jacket away for a few days and bust out my "lighter" winter coat. It's a heat wave!


and her heart it is in ireland said...

Enjoy the warm weather this weekend!

That winter scene sounds great, I can't wait for Spring!

Cheryl said...

Heat waves are awesome. We're having one right now.

I wish they played the Office on TV here. I have to wait til the Season's over, and the DVDs come out! :(

Ally said...

OMG the sign and balloons were so funny!!!! I love that show.

It's going to be 45 here this weekend too - totally will feel like summer, I can't wait!

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

I can not even wait for this 50 degrees this weekend. I really want to go hiking or just do something outside but alas, my knee is still in a brace and that wouldn't be safe. Maybe I'll just open all the windows in my house and air it out.

Bayjb said...

Saturday was pure heaven and Pam throwing Mounds bars was hilarious. I even more enjoyed watching Dwight/Jim plan Kelly's party. So funny