Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'll show you mine if you show me yours

So out of a little bit of tiredness, a pinch of laziness and a whole lot of writer's block, I'm all about an interactive post tonight. Sounds fun, right? Basically, I'll tell you something interesting/odd/bizarre about myself, if you tell me something interesting about yourself. It could be something funny, a random fact, a little story, a tasty tidbit...anything. I always read your comments at work and it keeps me entertained throughout the day. And this week, I could definitely use some entertainment.

With that said, I now present to you:

My Opposable (Man) Thumb Toes

Check out those monstrosities. Aren't they glorious? Eh, not so much. These little beauties are constantly getting noticed, as in "Wow, Pam, your toes are HUGE!" Yes, I'm well aware, thank you. I used to be embarrassed about them because they really look like men's thumbs, but now I embrace them. Freshman year of college I realized that I could pick up a pen with my toes and write with them (My roommate and I were always looking for ways to procrastinate.) I soon discovered that I could give a double "thumbs up" with them, pick up beer mugs and bottles with them, and type with them. It was pretty cool.

Sure, they sometimes make buying shoes a bit difficult...they even reshaped a pair of round-toe shoes. Yep, now they're square-toed. Fun, huh?

Oddly enough, I HATE feet. I get soooo grossed out by them. But for some reason, my own big toes really fascinate me. I know I don't have "pretty" feet, but at least I have them. And they provide a nice big canvas for bright pink nail polish. And hey, my opposable thumb toes make for an interesting "hidden talent". 

Ok so there's my little tidbit. What's yours? 


and her heart it is in ireland said...

Wow, I have such little toes - like I can barely put nail polish on my 2 smallest toes. I love how you found you could write with your toes and how accurate is your typing? I love your procrastination!

Well my body doesn't do anything fun. So I'll share an Ireland story. So last January/February my friend Kara and I went out every Thursday for some fun. We always went out in jeans and just t-shirts not trying hard at all and always started the night at our favourite pub in Cork. And every week we ended the night with absolutely hilarious stories, and only ever bought the first pint - we managed for 6 weeks to get drinks bought for us. The best week was the week with the firemen. Now these weren't cute young firemen, think interesting 40-60 year old firemen. And they weren't sketchy just talking to us about America and living in Ireland and all random, so when the pub closed we followed them to a late pub and they continued buying us drinks and so it was almost 2am so we were saying goodnight and one of them was trying to come on to Kara and he licked her face, but until that moment they were great and harmless. So now whenever we see a firetruck we think of that night.

And yea, going home will be bittersweet. I'm looking forward to it and all the new adventures, but I'll definitely be sad to leave Ireland, but I've lived here for 2 years total, so I really can't complain :)

Ally said...

Your toes really do not look that big! And at least you don't have that weird condition where your second toe is longer than your first toe.... that's so weird looking!

Anyways - my random tidbit, is that I cannot see in 3D. Unfortunately that also means I have the worst depth perception ever (how I managed to play sports in school is beyond me). But the 3D part really sucks. I remember when I was about 6 we went to Disney World and went to a theater to watch the Muppet's Show in 3D. Well, while everyone was oohing and ahhhing and dodging things that appeared to be flying out of the screen, I sat there crying because I couldn't see any of it. My mom said she felt so awful for me. But, I was just born this way - I only use one eye at a time to look at things, and I can consciously switch back and forth between which eye dominates, but I can't ever use them together.

And if your wondering, no its not like a lizard who can move one eye up and the other down, lol. My eyes have all the same movements, its just that my field of vision tends to default to my right eye only.

zentiment said...

I have 2 imperfections that I'm very self conscience of. One is my nose. It's too long. It's not horse-like or anything, according to other people it's not as big as I think. It's just one of those little things (like your toes) that I don't like about myself, but am willing to live with. The other is a scar I have on my back. I rarely wear anything that shows my back because of this scar. It's quite long and goes about the length of my right shoulder blade. When I was born my esophagus wasn't attached to my stomach, and that's where I had the surgery to attach it. It's just that it's big and I hate when people ask me about it. I have another big scar (under my bikini line that people can't see) from where I had a tumor in my uterus removed. Even now thinking about these scars gives me butterflies in my stomach. Touching them, makes my heart sink. I think partly the reason I'm so self conscience about them is because I haven't fully accepted the emotions, fear, and impact these circumstance have had on my life. (This is totally sounding Debbie Downer), but so be it.

~*~Snappz~*~ said...

My housemate reckons that she has "Man Toes" as well ... I think she's a tiny bit nuts. She does live with me though, so why am I surprised?! You'd have to be a little insane to put up with me :-)