Thursday, May 7, 2009

Real life movie moments

Last Monday, my friend WG2 and I were recapping our weekends on Gchat, as we do every Monday morning. She asked what my boyfriend and I did in Milwaukee and I gave her a rundown, including our Saturday morning trip to the airport.

You see, ever since we started dating, J and I have loved to go to the Milwaukee airport to watch planes. It's our time to relax together. And I love it because he knows a ton about planes, so he can always tell me what type each one is, when they were made, etc. Usually we get breakfast and sit there watching the runway and trying to guess where the planes are headed. It's our little Saturday morning routine.

So I was describing this to WG2 and she said it sounded like something straight out of a romantic comedy. I suppose I could see it, it's something quirky that we bond over and enjoy together. 

It got me thinking about other times in my life when I've had a "movie moment." A time, a place, an event—anything—which struck me as a scene straight out of a movie. So dramatic or emotional or sweet that it seemed as if someone thoughtfully wrote it down on paper, and I was simply acting it out.

I'm lucky enough to have a few, mostly jumping straight out of the chick flick genre. The one that sticks out in my mind most took place almost 3 years ago, during my annual family vacation at a resort in Rhinelander, WI. 

The same people went back to the same resort year after year, so we all became close. And as luck would have it, I was the only girl my age amid a sea of cute guys. There was one in particular I had a huge crush on and as we had met up a few times during that summer prior to vacation, I knew that was the year we'd have our fling. I couldn't have been more excited.

So vacation rolled around and we spent most of the week together. We square danced, we kissed, we snuck into the kitchen, we had a bonfire—we had a blast. One night, as always, there was a talent show at our resort (sort of like Dirty Dancing, only on a smaller scale). He was all excited to perform in it and had been practicing a song on his guitar for the big show. He told me he was going to play "The Scientist" and as a huge Coldplay fan, I was excited to hear it.

On the night of the talent show, I took my seat in the audience, next to my cousins and my sister. After a few rather lame acts, my guy was called up to perform. He sat down in his chair, looked right at me and smiled, and then began to play.

My jaw dropped in shock as I heard the first few notes. He wasn't playing "The Scientist." He was playing "Green Eyes", one of my very favorite songs. I had mentioned it to him ages before, during a whole conversation about there not being enough songs for girls with green eyes (like me). 

As he started to sing, chills ran up my spine and all time seemed to freeze. There were tons of other people in the room, but it was as if he was only singing to me. My sister squeezed my arm and my cousins poked me, knowing that the performance was for me. I was literally swooning in my seat. My heart was fluttering, my cheeks were blazing red and I hung on ever word he sang. At the time, it was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me.

So that was one of my movie moments. How about you guys? Ever had a heart-stopping, earth-shattering, OMG moment that seemed like it was straight out of a movie? 


zenfullyme said...

I didn't know resorts with talent shows existed like in Dirty Dancing. I've always wondered that! How fun. What a great moment!

Mich said...

wow i got chills reading about him singing.... thats so sweet!

your lucky... i dont have any movie like romantic moments. :(

Rachie said...

Oh wow. What a guy! I'd like to know what ever happened to him ? :P

Ali said...

I literally just swooned at the computer screen! I LOVE that. It totally reminds me of Dirty Dancing, which is one of my all time favorite movies.

Katelin said...

oh i love those movie moments, actually i sort of live for them, haha. one of my favorites was running in from the rain and into an elevator and making out like teenagers...yeah that was fun :)

erin - heart in ireland said...

i love your airport trips with your boyfriend, that is so cute!

and wow, what a movie moment! that is awesome!

i've never had a movie moment like that, but i guess it was pretty cool when my irish ex surprised me with a 3 day trip to barcelona!

Bayjb said...

I love that you guys go to the airport to relax. That's so cute!! Where else do you like to go in Milwaukee? I have great recos too.