Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Life's Little To Do List

In my one of my previous posts, I mentioned one of my "secret dreams"—to take a trip to the Ben & Jerry's Factory in Vermont. It's something totally random that I've always wanted to do. And recently, I've started filing away little "secret dreams" or "to do once-isms" in my mind. They're just little things I'd like to experience once in my life, no matter how small or silly they are. 

Perhaps some would refer to it as a Bucket List, but I think that's pretty darn morbid. So I'll just call it My Life's Little To Do List. This list doesn't include all my crazy travel dreams to go to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, China, South Africa, Italy, Greece, Spain, back to Ireland, etc or my dream of writing some sassy chick lit one day. And it definitely doesn't touch on getting married, having kids, getting a dog or owning a lake house (hey, I dream big). Those are part of My Life's Big To Do List. 

This list is all about the everyday trips I want to take or little things I want to see or do in order to experience new things, whether it's tapping into musical talent or not stressing over laundry for the first time ever. Please note: These are definitely not in any special order, other than the way they came spouting out of my head.

1. Visit the Ben & Jerry's Factory
2. Go on a "bar crawl" around all the countries at Epcot 
3. Learn to play the violin
4. Ride in a hot air balloon
5. Be an extra in a movie
6. Be able to do a handstand
7. Go sky diving
8. See a grand slam while in attendance at a Cubs game
9. Visit/tour a vineyard 
10. Go to Cedar Point
11. Learn to like exercising (ha)
12. Be a bridesmaid (yes, that's right, a bridesmaid)
13. Live in an apartment with in-unit washer and dryer
14. Meet Jimmy Fallon
15. Find a bar in the U.S. with a name as cool as Boo Radley's
16. See a live taping of talk show/sitcom/late night show  (I'm looking at you, Fallon)
17. Visit the West Coast (San Diego, LA, Portland, Seattle...)
18. Finally finish a scrapbook
19. Get my tonsils out (bizarre, yes, but these monstrosities need to get out NOW)
20. Learn a ballroom dance
21. Go to and/or volunteer at the Olympics (Woo, Chicago 2016!)
22. Find out where in the world Carmen San Diego is
23. See the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in person
24. Go to a state fair
25. Learn a second language 
26. Go to In-N-Out Burger
27. Find a real sand dollar 
28. Teach myself to like peppers and tomatoes
29. See Monsters, Inc. so a certain friend doesn't kick me to the curb
30. Learn to go to bed at a decent hour

Yikes, I guess I have a lot to do. And these are only the things I can think of off the top of my head. I better get started now...too bad I already missed out on number 30 for tonight.

What about you you have a "to do" list for life? If so, what's on it? Or maybe I'm the only one that keeps a running tally in my head. Hey, sometimes you get bored on the bus and have too much time to think.


Rachie said...

Your list is really inspiring. And you know, it's not out of reach at all either. I think I might re think my life's to do list because I'm not getting anywhere with it. good luck!

Ali said...

I definitely have a list, I just haven't written everything down yet. But #7 on yours is most definitely on mine!

And yes...I seriously encourage you to go to In-N-Out (I live in LA, so it's kind of a staple out here). I'm a vegetarian and I STILL love their grilled cheese (it's pretty much a burger sans the meat and plus the cheese). Delish.

Katelin said...

if you come to the west coast you can sky dive and then have some in-n-out! i don't suggest the other way around, haha.

erin - heart in ireland said...

I love it. I have a list, but it is all the big things, not the little ones. I may have to start thinking about the little things in life. The Macy's Parade is awesome and so much fun. The last time I went was 2003, but I used to go a lot as a child.

Some of my big things are: all 50 states, run a marathon, thru hike the Appalachian Trail, go to Everest Base Camp....

and OMG, yes, the Irish accent does need to end on a question and have almost every sentence end with like. and damn, i miss ireland.

Krysten & Dustin Hartenstein said...

Just ventured over from 20SB and thought I'd say hi! Have a good day!